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WaiterBell is an application that helps your customers call the employees easily without having to stand up, shout or move their hands in an abnormal way. Customers are not referees!
How it works
The customer scans the QR code that belongs to his table, room etc, called "Label", and he gets redirected to a web page where there is a list of possible requests. He selects one request and instantly the business and all the employees that are connected to this label are getting notified via web push notifications.
If I tell you that this is not greek gyros but the employees' workflow, what will you think?
One integrated web application
Administration panel
Homepage shows some usefull information about the business account. You can create your employees, add your labels (seats, rooms etc), create the possible requests a customer can choose from and browse through all notifications.
WaiterBell supports more than 180 different languages so you can give your customers the experience they deserve!
Employee web app
When you create an employee in the administration panel, you create an account which can be used by the employee to login to his unique web interface where he can browse through notifications of the labels they belong to and view all the labels he is connected to.
Customer web app
When a customer scans the available QR code, he gets redirected to a webpage with the business logo and all the available requests (Ask bill, More drinks etc).
By visiting the menu he can select one of the available languages the business has added.
Are you ready to improve your business workflow?
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WaiterBell is an open source project brought to you by Thodoris Itsios.
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